Do not let your past…haunt your future!

If you have a criminal record, I can help you get it erased so you can get your life back.

How often have you not applied for a job because you know you were arrested for a crime? Since 9/11, security background checks have become an increasingly common part of everyday life and employment. Employers are now performing these background checks not only on new employment applicants, but also on existing employees. This huge surge in the volume of background checks has caused many ordinary people to lose their jobs as a result of this new security.

Arrest records do not automatically go away. Even if your case was dismissed, your arrest record is available to prospective employers. The NJ State Police maintain a database of all arrests and convictions regardless of the number of years that have passed and it follows you wherever you go. Thousands of citizens have been arrested for crimes, traffic or ordinance violations and many for crimes they did not commit. Juvenile records, drug offenses, PTI, conditional discharges and violations of alcohol laws, etc. can stifle your career. When you apply for a job or a bank loan or a professional license, you can be asked to reveal all your arrests and past involvement with the criminal justice system even if you were completely innocent or if the case was dismissed! Once I erase your record, you can honestly answer "no" to a question regarding criminal convictions in many circumstances. In addition, no arrest or conviction shows up if a potential employer, educational institution, or government agency conducts a background search of an individual’s public records.


Call me at (732) 455-5018 to find out if you qualify. Certain crimes can’t be erased. If you have too many convictions, you might not be eligible. However, if you are eligible, the expungement of a criminal conviction is an excellent way to close a chapter on a past mistake. The process takes 4-6 months so you have to take action now in order to expunge your record.

Do you have a question about you past? Call me at (732) 455-5018 for a free, no risk consultation to see if you qualify to erase your record.

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